baysia-logoBaysia Global Holdings released a new feature for Baysia Coin, which is settlement protocol under development by engineers engaging with online financial trading systems. The new feature can issue JPY in other than exchanges. This JPY is online JPY and can be issued and transferred not only at official exchanges but also between individual users via P2P platform.

Baysia Coin is virtual currency which is available to trade and settle 24/7 via internet for anybody from anywhere if only there is a PC or a smart phone in a lot of countries mainly in Aisa, Japan and Hong Kong.

Overview of the new feature

When destination users add address of Baysia Coin as counterparty, they can simply issue JPY and trade baysia Coin. Transaction history of the JPY is stored in blockchain. The platform shows the balance of JPY that user is holding, and details of issuers. Reliable networks will expand dispersively. Users can perform immediate transfer of JPY with the remittance fee of only about 0.0015 JPY.

The company plans to upgrade the platform by supporting other cryptocurrencies such as Ripple’s XRP, Stellar’s STR, bitcoin, and litecoin, allowing users to exchange with a variety of virtual currencies. In addition to JPY, it will also support HKD, INR, CNY, AUD and USD in the future.

Baysia Coin aims to be open-sourced and a more public platform, and develop new blockchain.

(Source: Baysia)