finatext-logoA Japanese FinTech venture, Finatext announced that the company launched Web version of stock-dedicated app called "Asukabu" which collects the biggest number of users' forecast of stock price movement in Japan. In addition to app for iOS and Android, users now can access to Asukabu from web to get real-time stock price and forecasts and conversation between users.

Asukabu is a community app with a unique algorithm to select one hot stock in a day and users talk about the stock forecasting its price movement . This app was awarded ISID special award at a domestic FinTech pitch contest "FinPitch" in February 2015. Moreover, in June, the company won another FinTech pitch contest "MaybankFinTech" that was organized by Maybank, the largest Malaysian bank, and gathered over 200 applicants.


(Source: PR Times)

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