makuake-logoA crowdfunding service, Makuake, which CyberAgent Crowd Funding, Inc. operates, formed a business alliance with Chiba Bank, the second largest regional bank in Japan in terms of net assets.

chiba-bank-logoAs crowd-funding is one of the hottest fields in FinTech, Chiba Bank will give the bank’s clients the support in which to create the clients’ new services/products and business opportunities, get new fans, and provide new financing ways through Makuake.

The Makuake and Chiba Bank will help regional and small-sized companies, which have faced difficulty to start new business due to a lack of track records, etc, to enable to conduct marketing and promotion.

Makuake has already partnered with 6 banks and will continue to strengthen partnership with the regional banks in Japan and build environment where local companies are able to easily create new services and products through crowd-funding.

(Source: CyberAgent Crowd Funding )

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