FFAJ-logoThe Financial Futures Association of Japan reported quartlery statistic report on the financial futures transaction in Japan for 4th quarter (January to March 2016).

The trading volume of financial futures contracts for the quarter increased by 34.1% for on-exchange, and increased by 49.8% for OTC when compared with the previous quarter. The significant growth of OTC transaction was due to the increase of 50.2 % for Margin FX trading.

While the trading volume of the interest rate related transactions in the domestic exchange and in the overseas exchange, in particular, the trading volume of fiduciary service transactions of Association members grew, on the other hand, open interest of those declined. On the other hand, both of the trading volume and open interest of the option transaction in overseas exchange decreased.

While the trading volume of the foreign exchange futures transactions in the overseas exchanges and the trading volume of OTC options transactions grew, the trading volume of option transaction in overseas exchange substantially fell by 63.8% from the previous quarter.

As Margin FX trading saw YOY increase, the trading volume of the financial futures transactions, on-exchange transactions and OTC transactions, of the 2015 fiscal year that ended the quarter increased as a whole from the previous fiscal year. However, the financial futures transactions except FX margin trading remained flat.

Geographical distribution of Trading Volume


Trading Volume by Instruments


(Source: The Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ) )

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