FFAJ-logoThe Financial Futures Association of Japan disclosed quarterly statistics report on the financial futures transaction in Japan for Q3, 2015 (October to December).

During the quarter, the total domestic on-exchange trading volume was 10,631,040 contracts and 9,440,052 of the total was margin FX. Both figure decreased by 14.8% and 17.8% from the previous quarter respectively. However, interest rate contracts in domestic futures transaction increased by 19.6% and the ones in overseas futures transaction grew by 32.2%.

The trading volume of OTC financial futures transactions significantly dropped by 31.2% and totaled 1,034 trillion JPY. 1,028 trillion JPY of the total was margin FX with decrease of 31.3%.

Regarding open interest at the end of the quarter, the statistics shows open positions of FX margin trading in the domestic exchanges increased by 21.2% while the ones in overseas transaction decreased by 5.9%. Open positions of OTC transaction grew by 6.4%, including increase of 3.5% in margin FX.

Geographical distribution of Trading Volume


Trading Volume by Instruments


(Source: The Financial Futures Association of Japan )

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