finatext-logoA Japanese FinTech venture established in 2014, Fintext launched a new web-based service called “Finowledge”. This Finowledge is an online glossary database covering stock, forex, and investment trust.

As we have reported, Finatex operates community apps for smartphone such as Asukabu (stock community), Karu FX (Forex community) and Fundect (Investment fund community). The total number of comment posted those apps exceeded 360,000 and 250,000 users including novice and experienced users for investment use the apps.

In April, 2016, the venture partnered with Thomson Reuters Markets to analyze bigdata utilizing AI. In the Finowledge, by utilizing Finatext’ data analysis technology, the company analyze the comments posted by users on the apps and find out words that are difficult to understand for beginners and those experienced investors prefer to use, and add to the glossary database.

finowledge-logoCurrently, over 1,000 words are registered in Finowledge. The more users’comment increase, the more the glossary expands. The company plans to cover other realms such as insureance and real estate and supports English and Chines toward building a growing financial database.

(Source: Fintext via PRTIMES )

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