FFAJ-logoThe Financial Futures Association of Japan released quarterly overview during the second quarter from July to September 2015. Totally 127 members in 145 registered members reported their trading volume.


Trading volume of financial futures transactions in both On-exchange and Over-the-counter during this term increased. The notable increases can be seen in FX margin trading in the domestic exchanges with +18.4%, and the OTC currency related option transactions with +39.2% compared to the previous quarter.

While the trading volume of interest rate related future transactions in the overseas exchange grew by 7.4% in the second quarter, the trading volume of interest rate related futures transactions in the domestic declined by 12.8%, and the trading volume of interest rate related option transactions in the overseas exchanges dropped by 11.6% in the second quarter. The overall trading volume of interest rate related financial futures transactions remained flat.

Regarding retail FX Margin Trading, trading volume in both on-exchange (Tokyo Financial Exchange’s Click365) and OTC increased by 5% to 123,135 million JPY and 18.4% to 14,973,526 million JPY respectively from the previous quarter. While open positions at Click365 were up by 8.6%, the OTC ones were down by 9.7%. The number of active customers’ accounts at TFX was 30,390, grew by 8.3% and OTC FX accounts came at in 756,975, up by 3.6%.


(Source: The Financial Futures Association Of Japan)

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