asukabu-logoA Japanese FinTech venture, Finatext added a new function to its flagship product "Asukabu", the mobile platform/app collecting the biggest number of stock traders' forecast of tomorrow's stock price movement.

finatext-logoThe new function added to the Asukabu is a message board where users can create threads and communicate each other. Originally, Asukabu has “Voices” where users can post their comment about tomorrow’s stock. According to the company’s statistics, one user every 9 seconds forecasts the stock movement on weekdays and the number of comments posted to the “Voices” grows over 160% every month. It takes only 10 months to achieve this outstanding performance.

With this new message board function, users can now discuss a wide range of subjects and collect more knowledge.

In the press release, Finatext aims to grow Asukabu as the largest stock-dedicated community in Japan in terms of the number of users, forecasts and comments. Additionally, they will develop a user-driven community for entire investment and asset management including Forex, investment trust, insurance, and real estate.

(Source: Finatext via PR TIMES)

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