forex-robotics-logoForex Robotics, a Japanese software developer established in 2015, announced that the company will participate in reference exhibit at demonstration booth of Robot Forum 2016 on July 1 and August 2.

With a theme of “what functions/skills are required for future service robots”, Forex Robotics will present 4 kinds of apps the company developed for humanoid robot, Pepper.

Translation App for Foreigners

Against the increasing foreign visitors to Japan, Forex Robotics developed an application which enables Pepper to translate 5 languages including English, Chinese, German, French, and Spanish and support conversation.

Forex Trading App

The company says the future service robots might trade financial products by themselves by using AI.

Security Search App

The future service robots have risks of computer viruses and fraud apps. The app Forex Rocotics developed runs on Papper and conducts searches of security vulnerability.

Talk App

Current Pepper is not good at chatting with unspecific keywords. However, this app realizes conversational function with free words by combining cloud-based sound recognition and AI.

(Source: Forex Robotics )