gmoclick-logoGMO INTERNET Group’s GMO CLICK Securities announced that the company became the No.1 broker in the world in terms of OTC Forex trading volume in 2015 according to the research conducted by Finance Magnates, the world leading financial news provider.

Finance Magnates has taken the annual trading volume survey since 2012. GMO CLICK Securities maintains its top position in the global forex industry in 4 consecutive years. Among the top 10 brokers in the latest research, GMO CLICK Securities’ share is 21.3%.

As 3 out of top 5 companies in the research are Japanese companies, Japanese Forex market keeps flourishing.

The top broker launched OTC Forex service focused on lower cost and greater availability in October 2006. Their efforts which led the biggest Forex trading volume in the world in 2015 include conducting various campaigns, the launch of an app for SmartWatch, FXWatch, and tightening spread of NZD/JPY, GBP/USD and AUD/USD.

As we reported, GMO CLICK will revamp its OTC Forex service. The new service “New FX Neo” currently provides demo trading and the official launch is scheduled in February 2016.

(Source: GMO CLICK Securities )

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