gmo-internet-logoGMO INTERNET formed a business alliance with Tech Bureau on February 1, 2016 to jointly develop back-end engine for games based on Tech Bureau’s private blockchain technology, “mijin”. Tech Bureau is a crypto-FinTech firm and also operates bitcoin exchange, “Zaif Exchange”. The mijin was developed to dramatically reduce infrastructure cost for financial companies to less than one-tenth by 2018.

techbureau-logoBlockchain technology is the latest remarkable technology in FinTech industry. By utilizing the technology into back-end engine for games, the companies believe that zero-downtime environment can be realized with less than half the operating cost. GMO INTERNET plans to launch the PaaS backend engine this fall at GMO app cloud which is a cloud service for gaming app and has been working on expanding its service responding to the needs of game and app developers.

As P2P network built by the blockchain technology is considered to provide zero-downtime environment and reduce the cost, the mijin is expected to grow in not only financial service industry but also other areas.

In addition to realizing zero-downtime environment, the new development will allow gaming operators to closely manage data saving and remove users conducting misuse and manipulation as all data in blockchain can be managed by keys of cryptographic technology. The technology also can prevent abuse of the data and inconsistent data.

(Source: GMO INTERNET Group )

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