gmo-payment-gateway-logoGMO INTERNET Group’s GMO PAYMENT GATEWAY, which offers safer and more convenient solutions to pay and get paid for non-face-to-face businesses, announced that the company started to provide a service called ReD to detect fraudulent credit card-payment before settlement by utilizing ACI Worldwide’s ACIReD which Scudetto distributes in Japan.

Firstly, from November 19, the ReD was introduced to “ConoHa byGMO”, a cloud platform provided by GMO INTERNET. And from January 2016, GMO PAYMENT GATEWAY plans to accept application for the service from the general. Since GMO PAYMENT GATEWAY has provided security measures for the point of settlement and after settlement, the latest development which detects illegal activities before the settlement complements whole steps of the settlement.

Japanese EC industry has been growing 12.8-trillion market in 2014, and along with this, the usage of credit card payment has also rapidly increased as 50% of settlement are done by credit cards. Customers are expecting further usability and secured settlement service from EC operators. In these situations, GMO PAYMENT GATEWAY has been working on security measures related on credit card settlement.


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