invast-securitiesInvast Securities group disclosed monthly business metrics in October of Invast Securities, a Japanese securities company, and its subsidiary, Invast Financial Services Pty Ltd., Sydney-based securities firm. The data is preliminary figures, so those figures may be modified in the financial statement. The group explained that the decrease of the operating revenue mainly resulted from the decrease of trading volume among tri auto FX, FX24, and click365.

Consolidated result

Consolidated Operating Revenue in October was 283 million JPY, decreased by 15% from September, and -21.6% comparing with the same month last year. Total amount of deposited margin at the end of the month was 71,102 million JPY, slightly increased by 1% MOM, but deceased by 1.2% YOY.

Invast Securuties (Japan)

Operating Revenue during the month was 232 million JPY with a bit decrease of 8.6% MOM while it showed a substantial drop of 30.7% from last year. The total amount of deposit also decreased by 0.55% MOM and 4.2% YOY to 67,920 million JPY.

Invast Financial Services (Australia)

Operating revenue was 510 thousand AUD while the one in September was 520 thousand AUD. The total amount of deposit was 41.76 million AUD. As Invast Financial Services’ account closing date is December 31, the final result will be reflected in the consolidated financial result after 3 months. Therefore, The company’s October figure represents the ones in July.

(Source: Invast Securities)

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