JFSA-logoJapanese Financial Services Agency (JFSA) updated the list of unregistered financial operators in both Japan and overseas. Those operators were issued warning notifications as the authority confirmed that despite they don’t have necessary regulatory licenses, they operate financial services or solicit customers in Japan.

The number of unregistered operators on the list totaled 608, consisting of 442 Japanese operators since April, 2010 and 166 overseas operators since January, 2011.

Overseas Operators

  • GDCL (service name: PRIVATE OPTION)
  • BEAUVILLON STONE LIMITED (service name: DigitalOption)
  • Orbex LIMITED (service name: Orbex)
  • ForexTG Pty Ltd (service name: FXTG)
  • Butterfly Worldwide Trading Limited (service name: 闇株暴露王)

Japanese Operators

  • Russell Invest Japan Co. Ltd.

Without proper license, above Russell Invest Japan has very similar company name and registration number to Russell Investments which is a registered financial firm.

(Source: Japan Financial Services Agency)

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