JFSA-logoJapanese Financial Services Agency (JFSA) calls attention to Japanese investors by disclosing unregistered financial operators in both Japan and overseas. JFSA issued warning notification to those operators who are considered to conduct unregistered business without necessary licenses in Japan.

The number of unregistered operators on the list now totals 615, consisting of 445 Japanese operators since April, 2010 and 170 overseas operators since January, 2011.

Following operators were added to the list recently;

Overseas Operators

  • Marblestone Partners Ltd.

According to the information disclosed by JFSA research, Marblestone Partners is located in London (1A, Arcade House Temple Fortune, London NW11 7TL). The operator solicited people via internet to trade OTC derivative financial products. Its CEO is still unknown. Interestingly, the names of its services are “BOSS CAPITAL” and “TRADURUSH”, which are exactly the same as the ones provided by TradeRush-GBM Ventures Ltd and Altivex Limited that JFSA issued warning notifications last year. Plus, Marblestone Partners has exactly the same company address as the ones of WPS Marketing LTD, BS&Kennedy LTD and Kensington Intellectual Property LTD that were also added to the list of unregistered operators this year.

Japanese Operators

  • 合同会社101
  • Option Ace Administrator Office
  • Trade-bo Management & Secretary Office

Above Option Ace Administrator Office and Trade-bo Management & Secretary Office conducted solicitation for OTC derivative trading by offering their services named Option-Ace and Trade-bo, respectively.

合同会社101 solicited people for investment advisory agreement. The operator offered its service named “Real Stock Report”. HK (株式会社エイチケー) that JFSA sent a warning in May this year also provided service with the same name.

JFSA notes that the information on the list does not exactly represent the latest unregistered business situation. In addition, names and addresses, etc. may not reflect current information.

(Source: Japan Financial Services Agency)