JPX-logo_enRecently, we’ve seen a number of developments and projects related blockchain in Japan, such as GMO Internet and Tech Bureau jointly develop PaaS backend engine using blockchain, and bitFlyer created a Japan’s first fund to support blockchain business, following the global trend of blockchain technology which is one of one of the most promising aspects of Fintech that could be applied to constructing shared infrastructure to provide high availability and reliability at low cost.

IBM-logoOn February 16, Japan Exchange Group, Inc. ( JPX ) announced that the exchange and IBM Japan have agreed to jointly begin conducting proof of concept (PoC) tests for blockchain, or distributed ledger, technology.

While blockchain technology is gaining attention in the world, for practical application to financial business, there are issues to be resolved and the technology requires further verification and improvement.

JPX will conduct PoC test in cooperation with IBM Japan to evaluate the limits and possibilities of the technology in markets that have low transaction data volume using the framework provided by the Hyperledger Project.

(Source: Japan Exchange Group )

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