JPX-logo_enJapan Exchange Group (JPX) announced that its consolidated financial result for the six month ended September 2016. The operating revenue decreased by 8.7% year-on-year to 52.882 billion JPY due to lower trading value of cash equity and lower trading volume of derivatives trading during the period. The operating expenses increased by 9.8% because of accelerated depreciation of the old J-GATE derivatives trading system, resulted the operating income of 28.258 billion JPY which wer down by 19.9% year-on year. The net income attributable of the parent company was 19.597 billion JPY, decreased by 17.9% from the last period.

Regarding average daily trading volume/value of major products at the exchang, cash equities trading value was 2.9325 trillion JPY (-16% YoY), TOPIX Futures trading volume declined to 84,543 contracts (-9% YoY). Nikkei 225 Futures trading volume and Nikkei 225 option trading value were 180,319 contracts (-22% YoY) and 24.5 billion JPY (-17% YoY) respectively. Overall derivatives trading volume at the exchang shrank by 23%.

The financial results and overall trading results grew downward, however the bright news is that there has been an upward trend in trading volume during the extended hours from 3am in the night session since the launch of new J-GATE trading system.

(Source: Japan Exchange Group )

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