infoteria-logoA software developer and provider, Infoteria and a crypto Fintech firm, Tech bureau announced that they formed a business partnership to develop an adapter to connect their software and conduct its demonstration experiment during the period from January to April 2016.

techbureau-logoThis partnership aims to realize reduction in cost for development and operation of financial systems to less than 1/10 and revolutionize financial IT.

Tech bureau which was established in June 2014 operates Zaif Exchange for bitcoin and develops “mijin” which is a platform to establish private bitcoin blockchain with low cost.

Infoteria was established as a Japan’s first XML software company and its flagship product “ASTERIA WARP” is data integration middleware that supports the automation of operations through non-programming technology.

Infoteria and Tech bureau plan following schedule of the business collaboration.

  • January 2016; Start demonstration experiment in combination of ASTERIA WARP and mijin from January 2016.
  • February 2016; Hold jointly seminars to promote implementation of blockchain technology for Japanese financial institutions.
  • April 2016; Tech bureau release “mijin adopter” for ASTERIA WARP”.

Through the collaboration, mijin intends to expand a variety of data connection and co-host joint seminers with an aim of 1,000 downloads within 2016. And ASTERIA WARP aims to double the number of financial institutions clients implementing the series by FY2020.

(Source: Tech bureau)

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