moneyforward_logoJapanese Fintech firm, Money Forward has just revealed the second collaboration with Mizuho Bank to provide a new function in its cloud-based payroll calculation software for institutional clients “MF cloud payroll” from March, 10. The new function allows user companies to complete sending request to Mizuho bank of paying their employs’ salary with just one click.

mizuho-bank-logoTraditionally, payment of salaries is mostly done at bank counters or through internet banking, however these involve time and effort such as creating request forms, the wait time, and creating data per employ. To save their time and effort, this collaboration drastically improves the processing efficiency of not only payroll calculation but also payment processing. This is the first approach in Japan of automated request system for payment of salary.

As this is the second collaboration with Mizuho bank for Money Forward, the Fintech firm says it plans to partner with more financial institutions, enhance various services and functions and provide API which can connect to other operational software services.

(Source: Money Forward )

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