moneypartners_logoJapanese forex broker, Money Partners’ parent company, Money Partners Group published preliminary monthly consolidated result for February. According to the group, operating revenues and foreign exchange margin deposits are preliminary figures that may change when financial statements are released.

The operating revenue was 559 million JPY, decreased by 2% from the previous month but increased by 27% from the same month last year. The company explains the main reason of the MoM decrease was percentage of trading volume of USD/JPY with relatively low profitability further increased from the previous month and cover rate has deteriorated due to the market fluctuation.

As we saw high volatilities for especially USD/JPY and GBP/JPY in the month, the foreign exchange trading volume at the group increased by 4% from the previous month and grew by 9.6% year-over-year to 96.2 billion currency units.

The number of customer accounts steadily increased by 1,643 accounts from January to 274,164 accounts, while foreign exchange margin deposits decreased by 91 million JPY from the previous month to 60,224 million JPY led by increase in losses due to the sharp rise in yen. The margin deposits from financial institutions increased by 1,201 million JPY to 12,274 million JPY MoM.

(Source: Money Partners Group )

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