rakuten-securities-logoRakuten Securities will start to introduce new spread for 3 currency pairs to its Forex service from May 9, 2016. Those spread are essentially delivered as fixed spread.

Rakuten Securities will apply the new spread to GBP/JPY, EUR/USD, and GBP/USD. According to Rakuten Securities research as of April 26, 2016, the new spreads are the tightest among 6 leading online securities companies in Japan; SBI Securities, Kabu.com Securities, GMO Click Securities, Matsui Securities, Monex Securities, and Rakuten Securities. For example, the largest Forex broker in the world, GMO Click Securities provides 1.1 for GBP/JPY, 0.5 pips for EUR/USD, and 1.1 pips for GBP/USD.

Currency Pair Now New Spread (from May 9)
GBP/JPY 1.9 1.0
EUR/USD 0.9 pips 0.4 pips
GBP/USD 1.9 pips 1.0 pips

(Source: Rakuten Securities via PR TIMES )

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