sbi-hd-logoSBI Holding’s subsidiary, SBI Investment announced that the venture capital fund operator has invested in infocurion group (ICG) through FinTech fund which is operated by SBI Investment.

infocurion-logoICG has a great deal of experiences and cutting-edge know-hows in settlement and financial realms. The group consists of 3 companies; infocurion (settlement and financial consulting services), Link Processing (credit card settlement center), and CardWave (research, publication and distribution about card business).

With the investment, ICG will accelerate its business by further developing existing businesses and new businesss utilizing business synergy toward an innovation in settlement and financial realms.

Mr. Maruyama, CEOp of ICG serves as a head director of FinTech Association Japan established in September, 2015. The association has already over 100 members mainly including leading financial institutions and ventures. The Association aims to develop healthy industry, activate FinTech ecosystem, accelerate open innovations and enhance presence of Japan in global financial industry by cooperating with related authorities and bodies in the country and overseas.

Along with investing promising ventures, SBI Investment continues to promote introduction and utilization of FinTech by investors and enhance values of investment destination companies through supporting open innovation.

(Source: SBI Investment )

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