theo-logoMONEY DESIGN’s online money management service “THEO” has received over 5,000 applications for 100 days since its launch on February 16, 2016.

THEO is Japan’s first discretionary investment service by robot advisor for individuals using smartphone. The service allows them to start investment from 100,000 JPY via smartphone. By answering 9 simple questions, the company’s proprietary robo-advisor’s algorithm selects optimum combination from about 6,000 ETFs in 2 minutes and provides discretionary investment management.

The service provides a free check to deliver the best plan of money management for each user. As the free check is very simple with answering only 9 questions, the company also disclosed that the number of the free check users reached 70,552. The data shows 39% of all users started THEO with the minimum deposit of 100,000 JPY. THEO, as a new type of money management, has steadily gained users.

Looking at the user data of THEO for the 100 days the company reported, 87% of the users were almost inexperienced people for money management. Focusing on under the age of 30, 90% of them are inexperienced. The company believes that the style of money management will be significantly changed by robo-advisor and internet tehnology.


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