techbureau-logoTech Bureau, Overtex and Kataribe today announced that the three companies have introduced new function of social tipping and started buying articles at microblog service “Kataribe” which is jointly operated by Overtex and Kataribe. Additionally, they also conduct a campaign that distributes 10 million JPY worth of bitcoin by using the function until the end of March.

Buying Articles

kataribe-logoWhen posted microblog about bitcoin and blockchain to Kataribe is considered as a valuable content, the article will be purchased at 0.01 BTC (about 470 JPY as of March 9) by the operator.

Social Tipping

Each article posted to Kataribe has postor’s bitcoin address and its QR code. Bitcoin holders can give their bitcoin to favorite poster as social tipping. Operators also actively give bitcoin to valuable articles.

”Zaif”, bitcoin exchange

As Tech Bureau also operates bitcoin exchange called Zaif, the company will give bonus of 0.01 BTC to users who register and obtain their bitcoin address and complete identity confirmation at Zaif through Kataribe.

Kataribe plans to implement more new functions related to various cryptocurrencies for their service.

(Source: Tech Bureau via PR TIMES )

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