techbureau-logoFollowing the announcement in December 2015, a blockchain company, Tech bureau started from last Friday to provide an open beta program of “Mijin CloudChain”, a private blockchain PaaS of its existing platform “mijin”. This service is now available for everybody for free and allows users to perform various proving tests such as issue of cryptocurrency and simulating a financial institution using free wallet application.

mijin-logoBy utilizing blockchain technology, users can establish a decentralized accounting engine with zero-downtime, maintaining data consistency. Additionally, as the data are cryptographically recorded, they can’t be falsified. Blockchain is attracting global attention as a new key technology in FinTech field.

The Mijin CloudChain beta was released on December 2015, and it has received applications from 167 institutions from 15 countries. The latest development is a shared version of the Mijin Cloud Chain beta.

Tech Bureau plans to offer this free beta program until June, 2016, so anyone can create services and applications for personal or corporate use for free during the period.

To learn more about the program, please visit

(Source: Tech Bureau )

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