bitflyer-logo-smallA Japanese largest bitcoin and blockchain technology company, bitFlyer announced that the tech firm created “Blockchain Angel Fund” which is Japan’s first internal fund to create and support blockchain business. As its first round, bitFlyer formed capital and business alliance with SIVIRA Inc, which is Japanese start-up developed a web-based software development platform “hublive” connecting users’ apps and keeping information on blockchain.

bitFlyer explained that in Europe and the United States, eco-systems creating and developing blockchain-related business has actively emerged and attracted attention from the world, while Japan has just been in a pilot stage for blockchain offerings. For Japanese economic growth, the company believes that creating and developing more Japanese FinTech companies are essential. However the ecosystems for the creation of global services made in Japan are not enough.

With the bitFlyer’s expertise and global network in Asia, Europe and US, the company created the fund with an aim of growth of global blockchain business made in Japan.

(Source: bitFlyer )

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