gmoclick-logoGMO CLICK Securities announced OTC binary option trading result in April. In April, GMO CLICK saw Profit and Loss Ratio was 95.16%, and Loss Customers Ratio was 80.31%. Earlier this month, other brokers like FX PRIME by GMO, IG Securities, JFX and Hirose Tusyo have published their data. GMO Click’s result were along with those competitors’ ones as their profit and loss ratios were over 90%.

All brokers offering binary option trading will report the data to Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ) and FFAJ will be expected to compile the data and publish a monthly report in coming days.

Profit-and-Loss about Customer Transaction at GMO CLICK


*1: the percentage of profit-loss about customer transactions= (The amount of the option premium paid by binary options brokers toward customers + the payout amount) / (the amount of the option premium received from customers)x100(%)

*2: the percentage of customers who hold the loss of binary options= (the number of customers whose total amount of profit-and loss about binary options comes to be minus) / (the number of customers trading during the period) x 100(%)

(Source: GMO Click)