oracle-logoOracle Corporation Japan announced that Japan Exchange Group (JPX) has introduced Oracle’s product “Oracle GoldenGate” to expand and strengthen functions for simulating margin in JPX’s clearing system of OTC derivative products.

Japan Exchange Group consists of 4 companies, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Exchange, Japan Exchange Regulation, and Japan Securities Clearing Corporation, and provides Asia’s largest financial products market infrastructure and market data. With the group’s important strategies including “expanding exchange’s business realms”, JPX has been working on diversifying revenue streams utilizing cutting-edge IT technologies.

JPX-logo_enWith existing OTC clearing system operated by Japan Securities Clearing Corporation, the capability of simulating margin needed to be enhanced for more accurate calculation because banks and securities firms who participate JPX’s clearing have to deposit the margin before transaction. By implementing Oracle GoldenGate which can synchronize 2 databases, the margin calculation can be done based on real time data and deliver more accurate results, which allows the financial institutions to put money, which used to be set aside for extra margin, into other operations. As the system is highly appreciated by users, usage (access) of the system increases tenfold.

Commenting on the product introduction, Mr. Minowa, director of IT development department of Tokyo Stock Exchange which is a group company of JPX, stated “the introduction of “Oracle GoldenGate” was implemented for expanding our OTC clearing business, which is one of key tasks of the exchange’s medium-term management plan.”

“By enabling interacting between databases in real time, clearing members can obtain significantly refined information such as interest rate and positions in a timely manner, improve the efficiency in operation and achieve cost reduction” he added.

(Source: Oracle Corporation Japan)