kabu-com-logoMUFG group’s kabu.com securities will start a new service from April 14 that delivers information of raking about individual issues "Social Momentum" utilizing data provided by Finatext, one of the leading Japanese FinTech companies. Finatext has developed and operated various financial community apps for smartphone such as Asukabu (stock community), Karu FX (Forex community) and Fundect (Investment fund community).

finatext-logoKabu.com Securities launched a project team named kabu.com FinTech-Lab in January 2016 which conducts advanced research and business development in Fintech realm. Kabu.com Securities and Finatext will deliver a wide range of data-driven investment information and support investors for choosing individual issues by  their cooperation such as API connection.

Finatext has analyzed big data collected from users' forecasting ideas and comments in the community apps. By combining the price trend and SNS information and Finatext's proprietary data, they provide will provide the ranking of individual issues, Social Momentum to their traders.

(Source: kabu.com Securities )

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