kabu-com-logoFollowing an announcement of the launch of Fintech Lab, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group ( MUFG )’s Kabu.com Securities will hold “kabu.com Fintech-Lab conference”. In addition, the securities company also announced that it launched a special website which regularly delivers activities of kabu.com Fintech-lab.

The FinTech Lab was established on January, 2016 with purpose of carrying out cutting-edge research on FinTech and business development including exchanging information with the Group’s Innnovation Lab and a resident team in Silicon Valley, creating innovation by partnering MUFG group companies and collecting and providing insights utilizing external experts.

The conference will be held on March 18, at Palace Hotel Tokyo and deliver keynote speech, panel discussion and speeches by API business firms. The event also has exhibition area filled with 11 companies including K-ZONE, Thomson Reuters, Minkabu, and Mornigstar.

(Source: kabu.com Securities )

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