monex-inc-logoJapan based global online financial institution, Monex Group’s retail financial service arm, Monex, Inc. published its monthly survey “MONEX Retail Investor Survey”. The survey was conducted from April 10 to 13. Monex, Inc. sent out questionnaires to their clients, and 917 of them responded.

Key Survey findings of Monex Retail Investor Survey in April

Age and investment:

70% of respondents started to become interested in investment by 30’s. 66% of respondents wanted to start investment in younger age, and 80% of them think they should have start in teenage or 20’s. The survey found that they thought learning investment earlier would made their life any money management more productive and fulfilling and even change their personality to be more aggressive.

When asked how they intended to spend their first salary, 447 of the respondents said they would send gifts to their parents/family(ranked as 1st) and investment management was ranked 4th (260 respondents).

Attractive Sectors:

The “ranking of Attractive Sectors” show that the sectors that are the most appealing to retail investors were “Automobiles,” “Medical,” and “Technology”. These 3 sectors were the top 3 sectors for 8 months in a row. In the “ranking of Attractive Sectors,” Telecommunication, Real Estate and Commerce rose and Banks fell.


Regarding forecasts of USD/JPY for coming 3 months, the percentage of the retail investors forecasting a stronger dollar and a weaker yen declined 5% from 54%(March survey) to 49%.
The percentage of the retail investors forecasting a stronger yen rose 1% from 13% to 14%. 37% forecasted USD/JPY market would stay unchanged, increased by 4% from the last survey.

Monetary Policy:

Around 43.8% of retail investors expected that there will be no additional quantitative easing by the Bank of Japan for some time to come. 18.9% of investors expected additional monetary easing from October to December, 2015, and 18.2% expected it from July to September, 2015.

(Source: Monex,Inc.)