rakuten-securities-logoRakuten Securities reported April’s trading metrics and Rakuten, Inc. disclosed FY2015 Q1 consolidated financial result. With their flafship business “Rakuten Ichiba” which is the largest e-commerce site in Japan, Rakuten Group has diversified online service and expanded its business internationally.

For the quarter, on April 17, Rakuten, Inc. received “Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office Award” at FY2015 Intellectual Property Achievement Awards Ceremony. The Group became the first E-commerce company to receive this prestigious award. In addition to that, the group’s subsidiary Rakuten Bank received the “Best Direct Bank Award 2015” by The Asia Banker.

Internet Financial Segment experienced strong growth on both revenue and operating income. Specifically, Rakuten Card contributed the most to the growth of the segment with revenue of 27,015 million JPY. In the group’s statement, it says due to a growth in Rakuten Card membership, shopping transaction value increased by 16.5% YoY in credit card and related services.

Forex trading value for 2015 Q1 at Rakuten Securities was surged by 133.2% YoY due to high volatility and sales of investment trusts hit a record high of 129.2 billion JPY.

April’s trading metrics

Total Domestic equities (incl. ETF)

  • Clients’ balance: 3,626,385 million JPY (+3.4% MoM)
  • Number of Average Daily Orders: 378,223 (+3.34% MoM)
  • Number of Average daily Executed Orders: 232,297 (-0.28% MoM)
  • Average Daily Trade Value: 205,219 million JPY (-0.88% MoM)

Margin Contract of domestic equities

  • Number of Average Daily Orders: 104,225 (+5.3% MoM)
  • Number of Average daily Executed Orders: 89,589 (+3.25% MoM)
  • Average Daily Trade Value: 127,589 million JPY (-1.35% MoM)
  • Clients’ balance: 362,351 (+1.08% MoM)

Rakuten, Inc. 2015 Q1 Financial Result Summary

  • Revenue: 158.8 billion JPY (+14.9% YoY)
  • Non-GAAP Operating Income: 32.1 billion JPY (+17.3%)
  • IFRS Operating Income: 29.0 billion JPY (+28.7%)

Internet Finance Segment

  • Revenue: 65.5 billion JPY (+20.4% YoY)
  • Operating Income: 15.9 billion JPY (+38.8% YoY)

Rakuten Bank

  • Revenue: 14,270 million JPY (+22.7% YoY)
  • Operating Income: 3,111million JPY (+57.3% YoY)

Rakuten Securities

  • Revenue: 12,246 million JPY (+15.8% YoY)
  • Operating Income: 5,859 million JPY (+19.8% YoY)
  • Investment Trust Sales: 129.2 billion JPY (+67.8% YoY)
  • Forex Trading Value: 90,768 billion JPY (+133.2% YoY)
  • Stock Brokerage Trading Value: 11,619 billion JPY (+0.6% YoY)

(Source: Rakuten)