Japan Financial Services Agency ( JFSA ) has updated the list of overseas unregistered operators who received a warning notification issued by the authority. The number of overseas unregistered operators as of today totals 201 since January, 2011. Following operators were recently added since our previous report.

Overseas Operators

  • Cheshire Capital Ltd. (UK)
  • ABF Fund Management Company Limited (HongKong)
  • Louis Private Advisory Salon (Geneve)
  • Sumo Forex Limited (New Zealand)
  • World Union Lead Trust Limited (France)
  • Julius Partners S.A. (Panamaa)

Sumo Forex Limited provides OTC derivative trading service named “BinaryTilt”. This service name is the same as one provided by Scent Investment Limited which were also warned by JFSA on February 25, 2015. In addition, it’s very interesting that Sumo Forex has the same location address as Scent Investment and Titan FX Limited which was also added to the unregistered list last year.

Regarding Geneve-based Louis Private Advisory Salon, the operator solicited people to open account at Monkey Trade Karlson and asked them to submit a document called “Limited Power of Attorney” which is a discretionary investment contract, according to information submitted by the people. Monkey Trade Karlson is also considered as unregistered operator without necessary license in Japan and received the authority’s warning on December 14, 2015.

(Source: Financial Services Agency )

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