Japanese internet service provider and ICANN-Accredited Registrar, Interlink announced that it has just started to offer new domain “.spreadbetting” and “.cfd” via its service, Gonbei Domain.

".spreadbetting" has the longest word (13 letters) along with ".international" at Gonbei Domain. Currently the most expensive ccTLD of Namibia is ".na" with about 1.07 million JPY, however, these new 2 domains are priced much higher; 3.24 million JPY/year for ".spreadbetting", and 2.592 million JPY for ".cfd".

Only organizations who are authorized by UK Financial Conduct Authority or Central Bank of Ireland are able to register "spreadbetting". For ".cfd" domain, organizations with licenses issued by financial regulatory authorities are eligible to register. They are required to provide their authorized number when they register those domains.

(Source: Interlink )

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