Lucky Bank Investment announced that the company will jointly hold a seminar “Financial Crowdfunding Meetup” with Crowdcredit and Loadstar Capital on October 28, 2015. The theme of the seminar is lending crowdfunding.

Lucky Bank Investment provides Japan’s first real estate specialized Social Lending Service. Last week, the company has just announced it has successfully raised funds of over 2 billion JPY for 54 funds in 10 months. OwnersBook is operated by Loadstar Capital and the service offers crowdfunding for real-estate and allows OwnersBook’s investors to communicate each other through SNS. Crowdcredit provides Japanese individual investors with attractive investment opportunities connecting supply and demand of funds in the world.

As FinTech has been generating a lot of attention these years, a wide range of services surrounding money have been launched. Along with this trend, investment crowdfunding field has been growing globally and in Japan, Social Lending Service which focuses on financial return has emerged and gradually been established.

This upcoming seminar is the second one and executives from 3 Social Lending Service providers will deliver lectures. Attendees who are interested in the service, looking for new job at FinTech start-ups, and have a hunger to revolutionize the financial industry will be able to enjoy learning social lending service.

(Source: Lucky Bank Investment)