A Japanese provider of MCM (Money Chain Management) optimization solutions, Billing System partnered with Beijing Magus Soft Technology to develop and operate a mobile payment service using UnionPay card, one of the most popular credit cards in China.

With Visit Japan promotion by Japanese government, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan has been significantly growing these years, especially, Chinese tourists totaled 330 million in 2014, and this year, the number has grown to 430 million from January to August. The total amount of the Chinese visitors’ spending in Japan surpassed 700 billion JPY as of 2014.

To respond to the growth of Chinese tourists, Billing System formed a partnership with Beijing Magus Soft Technology, a proven developer of financial mobile apps in China with an aim to develop a more convenient and secure mobile payment system including settlement with UnionPay card.

Outline Of The Service

This service allows Chinese customers to be able to pay by only presenting store-specific QR code, so Chinese tourists can enjoy shopping without bringing their UnionPay cards and check their billing details in real-time with their mobile phones.

On the shops side, cutting out the need of implementing new equipments for the shops, the service will give shops new business opportunity to offer this convenient and advanced service with existing smartphones or devices

The companies plan to start the new service with full-scale operation in February, 2016 when Chinese people have travel season.

(Source: Billing System)

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