Today, Japanese Forex broker, Gaitame Online has just started to accept opening account application for click 365 which is on-exchange forex margin trading offered by Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX).

As Gaitame Online announced that the broker had been preparing to become an exchange forex margin trading member at TFX, Gaitame Online has moved forward on this project. The broker’s customers will be able to trade click365 from October 5th.

Gaitame Online’s customers can trade click365 with its proprietary trading platform designed for both novice and experienced traders. The broker also offers trademarked functions, “iCycle order” and “Cycle order” which automatically repeat IfDone+OCO orders along with the price movement based on user’s preset parameters. The broker filed patent applications on these functions. As these functions have attracted its OTC forex traders, users will be able to utilize them when they trade click365 as well.

Speaking of click 365, the total trading volume during August at TFX was 3,945,138 contracts, increased by 12.3% from the previous month, 100.4% Year-on-Year. And it was worth to note that the total amount of deposit as of August 31 recorded the highest number with 311.5 billion JPY.

(Source: Gaitame Online)

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