IBM Japan announces on Tuesday, that SBI Sumishin Net Bank introduced “IBM® Campaign” as the bank’s new marketing infrastructure and has started to operate it from April. The “IBM® Campaign” delivers personalized information to each customer.

SBI Sumishin Net Bank adopted the IBM Japan’s solution including IBM Campaign, IBM SPSS Modeler, and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence in order to propose optimum financial products at the perfect timing to each customer for further enhancement of customer satisfaction. By introducing these solutions, the internet bank is able to plan, conduct and analyze personalized marketing based on each customer’s needs, life events and trading condition.

The new system develops campaign management system with the core of IBM Campaign. In accordance with planned campaign, the system automatically select optimum customers from its marketing database and deliver tailored information to them via email delivery system. The performance of campaigns will be automatically compiled to the database. This allows the bank to do multilateral review for the campaign and to carry out further sophisticated campaign. Almost all marketing activities from planning to analyzing can be automatically done by the system.

With the implementation of this new marketing infrastructure, SBI Sumishin Net Bank can manage and optimize communication with individuals and offer appropriate recommendations to them.

(Source: IBM Japan)

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