Japanese IT system developer, SJI Inc. announced that the company will set up FinTech Strategy Office on February 1st, 2016.

The company already has Innovation Center internally but to further focus on FinTech field, the center will be renamed to FinTech Strategy Office. The FinTech Strategy Office will be a key part of the company’s business strategy and powerfully promote the business.

While SJI has an abundance of knowledge about system infrastructure through development of systems for various financial institutions, the company plans to create innovative services in FinTech field which is expected to remarkably expand by utilizing combination of the existing knowledge and new technology, according to the press release.

Back to January 12 this year, the company announced that it partnered with a Japanese FinTech firm, Tech bureau. While the detailed information about the partnership hasn’t be disclosed, this will be the first step to leveraging blockchain technology to financial services for the company. The company says that on the initiative of the FinTech Strategy Office, the company will create new FinTech services and bolster its competitiveness.

(Source: SJI )

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