A Japanese credit card company, LIFECARD has offered a service that allows users to exchange bitcoin to Visa prepaid card (a.k.a. V-preca) since August 2016. The LIFECARD has just added 3 more bitcoin alliance partner companies to expand the service and improve convenience.

The new partners are bitFlyer, coincheck and JBits. The users can exchange their bitcoin to Visa prepaid card from the dedicated form of the bitcoin exchanges and shops. bitFlyer has started to provide this service from September 5, 2016, while coincheck and JBits are scheduled to offer it this fall.

The V-preca was launched in 2011 and the accumulated total number of issed Vpreca is 7.55 million as of March 2016. As the V preca implements VISA verification service (3D secure) , users can user the prepaid card just like credit cards.

(Source: LIFE CARD )

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