Monex Group published the monthly business metrics of its subsidiaries ( Monex, Inc. and Trade Station Group ) in April 2016.


Global DARTs (Daily Average Revenue Trades) for the month was 299,629, increased by 3.9% from the previous month. The one of Monex Inc. was 189,416, grew by 7.6% MoM, while the one of TradeStation was 110,929 with the MoM-decrease of 1.6%.
Monex Group had been disclosed “Global FX Volume” until March 2016. However, the item was removed because OTC FX accounts offered by FX companies of TradeStation Group, Inc. were transferred to OANDA Corporation and OANDA Australia Pty Ltd on March 4, 2016. As a result, FX volume of Monex Group consists only of OTC FX volume of Monex, Inc.

Monex Inc OTC FX average daily trading value

Regarding the group’s Japanese securities arm, Monex Inc, the averaged daily trade value was 169.83 billion JPY, increased by 20% from the previous month while March experienced the substantial drop of 30.7% from February. The total OTC FX accounts was 224,485 including 63,507 active accounts.

Monex Inc Stock monthly trading value

For stock brokerage section, monthly trade value was 1233 billion JPY, slightly grew by 2% from the previous month. The margin balance at the end of the month was 161.1 billion JPY.

TradeStation Group

Its U.S. subsidiary, TradeStation Group marked 61,819 active accounts at the end of April. The total client assets was 3,802 million USD, increased by 1.6% MoM.

(Source: Monex Group )

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