A Japanese Forex broker, Money Partners announced that it has proven that the company’s foreign currency exchange service offers the lowest exchange cost in Japan according to Yano Research. The broker was selected as No.1 company offering the lowest exchange cost for the second consecutive year.

The research was conducted on 167 companies providing foreign currency exchange service and Money Partners and compared their exchange cost. The research shows Money Parners provides 90-97% cheaper cost than others for 4 currencies; USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF. (In case of more than 800 currency units)

Any forex account holders at Money Partners who deposit Japanese Yen to their account, are able to exchange their Yen to foreign currency on the internet and to receive foreign currency at Narita International airport, Haneda airport, or Kansai International Airport where the user designates. The broker’s service currently supports USD, EUR, CHF, KRW, and CNY.

Following table shows the cost compsarison.

Money Partners 0.2025 JPY 0.2055 JPY 0.2295 JPY 0.2190 JPY
operational companies and
monay exchangers
0.89-3.36 JPY 1.60-6.715 JPY 3.49-15.185 JPY 2.25-7.925 JPY
financial institutions 1.75 JPY-3.25 JPY 3-9.50 JPY 7-15 JPY 2.97-4.90 JPY

(Source: Money Partners )

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