Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) disclosed that the company provides Sony Bank with its SaaS “IIJ Raptor service” as the bank’s Forex infrastructure system and the bank has started its operation from June 29, 2015.

The company provides internet connectivity, WAN(Wide Area Network) service, network-related services, and construction, operation and maintenance for network systems, and develops and sells telecommunication equipment.

Since Sony Bank launched Forex trading service in 2008, the bank has been looking into revamping the service in order to improve usability such as expanding trading instruments and channels, providing more user-friendly trading interface. Sony Bank has already used some functions of the IIJ Raptor service for an infrastructure system to generate forex rate for the bank’s foreign currency deposit.

As IIJ Reptor service has been implemented by leading financial institutions, and has an ability of fast order execution and flexible capability for expanding currency pairs, Sony bank highly evaluates the service leading the latest implementation.

With the Bank’s Forex service built by the IIJ Raptor service, orders are quickly executed in 10 milliseconds, trading interface becomes HTML5-based, the usability is greatly enhanced.

Internet Initiative Japan Inc. was established in 1992 and listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, USA.

(Source: Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ))