Japan-based IT company, Systena Corporation, which provides designing, developing and managing total IT solution including smartphone apps and web apps as its core business, announced 2 new functions for one of its flagship services, Web Shelter.

While internet banking and e-commerce transactions via smartphone have been rapidly growing, we frequently see a lot of troubles due to lack of security. To improve this situation, with over 20 years experience in smartphone and mobile device field, Systena developed a smartphone security service for financial firms, Web Shelter in 2013.

The latest developments are making the Web Shelter a security platform and adding following 2 functions;

1. smartphone passbook function

Users can see account statement on the smartphone passbook with an intuitive interface. The statement shows long-term history which many internet banking users demand. In addition, the data will be automatically updated without users logging in.

2. opening account via smarphone

By linking with the existing core system, users can open new account seamlessly. Personal certification function identifies the user and optical character recognition converts images of users’ drivers license taken by the smartphone camera into text.

Systena says these new functions allows financial firms to easily establish “smartphone branch”.

(Source: Systena Corporation)