On July 21, 2016, a Tokyo-based FinTech company, MINKABU, INC. and its subsidiary mSaaf, Inc. have jointly announced that they reached agreement with Thinkpool Co., Ltd, a major South Korean financial information vendor to create a global strategic alliance, through MINKABU’s South Korean subsidiary Crowdbot, Inc.

This comprehensive business partnership aims to jointly expand Minkabu’s investor-oriented social media service “Sharewise” into the South Korean market, and Thinkpool’s financial information solutions into the Japanese market through mSaaf.

In South Korea, almost all securities companies have their own internet distribution channels. The level of market participation by individual investors is one of the highest in the world, and there are numerous solutions that are not currently provided by Japanese securities firms. In this market, as the operator of one of South Korea’s largest financial portal sites “Thinkpool.com”, and as a B2B vender of solutions for Korean securities firms, Thinkpool has rolled out a range of applications over its many years in the industry. Thinkpool is currently expanding its business operations in the B2B securities brokerage-oriented solutions sector, with a focus on financial information solutions utilizing AI and computer algorithms, and is becoming a one of South Korea’s leading FinTech companies.

(Source: MINKABU )

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