GMO CLICK Holdings disclosed monthly performance of its Japanese subsidiaries, GMO CLICK Securities and FX PRIME by GMO Corporation, showing their trading volume have continued to lost their momentum in May.

The group operates 5 subsidiaries consisting of 2 domestic companies and 3 overseas companies.

GMO CLICK Securities

Total Stock trading value was 2,137,584 million JPY, decreasing by 10.18% month-over-month with daily average value of 118,754 million JPY which increased by 4.78%. The number of trades during the month was 1,617,376, dropped by 15.3% when compared to the previous month. The average daily number of trades was 89,854, which was lower by 1.2% than April’s figure.

OTC FX trading value was 98,454.1 billion JPY, decreasing 11.7% MoM with daily average value of 4,688.2 billion JPY. Customers’ margin balance was 126,417 million JPY as of the end of May.

Both Stock trading and OTC FX saw 2 consecutive months of decline in trading value.

On the other hand, monthly trades of click365 (exchange forex margin contracts) totaled 468,197 contracts, which was up by 6.53% from April.

Regarding number of accounts, the figures were 249,435 for securities trading, 401,965 for OTC FX, 293,022 for Click 365, 44,216 for CFD, 147,921 for binary option trading.


FX PRIME by GMO offers forex and binary option trading services with their proprietary platforms along with mirror trader.

The total monthly trading value of OTC FX amounted to 6,038.4 billion JPY, down by 8.33% from 6,587 billion JPY the previous month. The average daily value was 2,875, decreasing by 3.97% month-over-month. OTC FX Customers margin balance was 16,421 million JPY with 160,416 accounts.

Binary Option

GMO CLICK Securities and FX PRIME also reported OTC binary option trading result in May.

*1: the percentage of profit-loss about customer transactions= (The amount of the option premium paid by binary options brokers toward customers + the payout amount) / (the amount of the option premium received from customers)x100(%)

*2: the percentage of customers who hold the loss of binary options= (the number of customers whose total amount of profit-and loss about binary options comes to be minus) / (the number of customers trading during the period) x 100(%)

(Source: GMO CLICK Holdings)