MUFG Group's Securities announced that the company will start to provide antivirus software for online financial trading “IBM Security Trusteer Rapport” for free from March 30, 2016. By installing the Rapport, customers’ PC will get protected from virus which attempt to attack against online financial trading such as internet banking. Therefore, Securites’ customers will be able to use the company’s services.

Features of IBM Security Trusteer Rapport

Rapport is developed and provided by IBM and detect and get rid of internet virus from users’ PC. Securities reccomends to use the anrivirus software for safely using its services.

  • Rapport is designed for automated detection and removal of viruses attacking online financial trading. With its proprietaty technology, the software can detect viruses that other antivurus software are unable to find out.
  • As Rapport is a dedicated software for online financial trading and works differently from general antivirus softwares, the company strongly recommends to use Rapport in conjunction with general antivirus softwares.
  • Rapport is entirely free of charge for using and updating virus definition files. Securities has been focused on information security management with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO9001 to protect information asset and customer information from threat.

(Source: Securities )

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