A listed company, MONEY SQUARE Holdings, proclaimed that subject to obtaining necessary approvals and licenses from the exchange, authorities and shareholders, its subsidiary, Forex broker, MONEY SQUARE JAPAN will offer Tokyo Financial Exchange’s Click Kabu 365 solution which is Exchange Equity Index Margin Contracts. The shareholder meeting is scheduled to be held in June.

Click Kabu 365 provides Nikkei 225 Margin contracts, DAX® Margin contracts and FTSE 100 Margin contracts. Currently, 8 Japanese brokerage firms including Invast securities, Monex, and kabu.com offer the solution.


Since its inception, MONEY SQUARE Holdings has aimed for realization of “Forex as an investment management, not money game” developing patented Trap Repeat If Done functions named “Traripi” which is their flagship product. The group believes it can take advantage of the group’s expertise and know-how to Exchange Equity Index Margin Contracts service. The group’s press release says this new business will satisfy the needs of potential equity investors and the group will develop new offerings exploiting its uniqueness.