Recent years, “hackathon” has become a popular word in financial industry.

IT people such as engineers and designers will be able to get another chance to show their skills on October 6-7, 2015 in Japan.

According to Nomura Research Institute’s press release, the company will hold a hackathon during CREATEC JAPAN2015 (CREATEC is an Acronym for Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies). This hackathon will target to create unique and ideas and technologies related to money and IoT fields.

Nomura Research Institute provides Consulting, Financial IT Solutions, Industrial IT Solutions, and IT Platform Services as its major services. To promote Open Innovation to create new values with their clients and IT venders, Nomura Research Institute has held hackathons as a part of the company’s efforts.

CREATEC JAPAN2015 aims for the further development of lifestyles, societies, economies and culture through broad use of information communications technology and provides venue where IT professionals gather to demonstrate their latest technologies and products and build relationship for further collaboration for the next level of IT industries.

Before the hackathon at CREATEC JAPAN 2015, participants have to get through the preliminary “ideathon” held in September. Teams who present outstanding ideas at the ideathon will be able to build a prototype of the new product at the hackathon in October. Nomura Research Institute allows both individual and team to take part in the event.

In addition to the participants, the company also invites and seeks companies that look for developing new business in Money and IoT areas by collaborating with the participating teams.

(Source: Nomura Research Institute)