2 Japanese companies collaborate to offer useful and convenient service to support stock traders. Fanet partnered with Centillion Fintech to launch free “Miracle Chart” that forecasts future stock prices.

Fanet operates investment information service and investment portals such as “Tredabi” https://www.k-zone.co.jp/td/ and “K-ZONE money” https://www.k-zone.co.jp/. Centillion FinTech is Centillion’s subsidiary and develops financial systems including financial engineering and provides system consulting service for financial institutions.

The Miracle Chart is an advanced chart developed by Centillion Fintech implementing not only stock picking & analyzing tools but also forecasting tool for future trends based on past trends. These features allow novice traders who are not familiar with technical analysis to know which direction the stock will move. This helps traders to make their trading decisions.

Users can now utilize this smart chart from Fanet’s investment information portal “K-ZONE money” for free, but the 2 companies aim to expand its customer base by offering access to the chart from another Fanet’s portal “Tredabi” which has over 500,000 members. Furthermore, they are also intending providing the service to securities firms.

They are planning to add more functions such as supporting smart phones and screening tool to easily find recommended stocks.

(Source: Centillion)